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Area you thinking of taking your child to a concert and looking for headphones for the experience? Why do children need kids concert headphones, anyway? Can children suffer emotional and physical damage from loud sounds such as those at a concert?

It’s possible that taking a baby, toddler, or older child to a concert could frighten or upset your little one. It could also do irreversible hearing damage for your child, depending on the noise level and how close you are to the sound, too.

However, you can easily find noise dampening headphones and ear muffs for your little one that can make a big difference in this type of situation. These headphones can help your child’s hearing stay safe and can also keep your child from getting upset by all the noise, too.

If you’re taking your child to a concert, regardless of his or her age, it can be a good idea to consider bringing along headphones to help. Take a look at the list below and see if you can find a pair that will work well for your little one. All of the products on our list are high-quality and good options for parents who want to bring their kids to a concert, so take your time and shop around.

You’re sure to find something you love for your little one, so let’s get started!

1. Earmuffs for Kids Foldable Design Ear Defenders

Vanderfields Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs

Give your child these Earmuffs for Kids Foldable Design Ear Defenders  and he or she is sure to love the results! These headphones are designed to fit well with an easy-to-adjust shape and are lightweight for traveling purposes, too.


  • These headphones come in seven different fun and vibrant colors that your child can choose from.
  • These are very high-quality and durable headphones with padding on the ear portions as well as the headband.


  • It can be very challenging to adjust these headphones when your child is wearing them.
  • The headphones are much tighter than most of the others listed here.
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2. Hearing Protection Earmuff/Headphone for Kids

Amplim Hearing Protection Earmuff for Toddlers Kids Teens Adults...

For high-quality noise filtering any time, check out this Hearing Protection Earmuff/Headphone  for Kids. This product is available in three different soft pastel colors that look great for any child’s needs. It’s designed to reduce and muffle sound so your child won’t feel overwhelmed or suffer any hearing loss at concerts.


  • These headphones can fit babies, toddlers, kids, teens or adults due to their adjustable design.
  • The headphones are easy to keep clean by just wiping them down.


  • Sometimes, these headphones may be too tight for younger children.
  • The headphones are heavier than some others listed here.
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3. HearTek Kids Earmuffs

Noise Cancelling Headphones Kids Adult Earmuffs Shooting Ear...

With these HearTek Kids Earmuffs , your child is sure to be ready for his or her first concert. These earmuffs come in nine different color and pattern options and can filter sounds down to 27 decibels. Best of all, they are adjustable for a great fit every time.


  • Kids can still easily hear Mom and Dad talking to them close by when wearing these headphones.
  • The headphones fold down for easy portability on the go.


  • It can take some time and effort to adjust these headphones to your child’s head size.
  • The headphones may flip around strangely when trying to open them up for use.
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4. Noise Cancelling Earmuffs for Kids

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs for Kids and even Adults, Enticing and...

Choose these Noise Cancelling Earmuffs for Kids  and enjoy quality noise filtering down to 27 decibels. These headphones can be folded up for easy portability and are durable enough to last throughout your child’s kid and teen years for all sorts of noisy events, too.


  • These headphones come in a variety of different colors to suit your child’s preferences.
  • The headphones are adjustable and are designed to fit kids, teens, and adults alike.


  • These headphones may be too smaller for some older or bigger kids depending on their head size.
  • The headphones may be a little tight because of their design.
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5. Kids Ear Defenders Adjustable Hearing Protectors

Kids Ear Defenders, NRR 22dB Baby Noise Reduction Safety Ear...

Pick up a stylish pair of these Kids Ear Defenders Adjustable Hearing Protectors  for the next noisy event in your child’s life. These headphones can filter sound to 22 decibels and are available in a cute soft blue color that looks great and works well too.


  • These headphones are made with soft, padded ear caps and a flannel headband for plenty of comfort for your child.
  • The headphones can be folded down to a small enough size to tuck into a purse or diaper bag.


  • These headphones are not available in other color options.
  • The foam padding may become damaged in some instances.
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Did you find a pair of headphones that will work for your child’s next concert? Do you still have questions? Is it safe to bring small children to concerts at all? How old should they be before you do this? How can you tell your child is ready for a concert?

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re trying to determine whether or not you need headphones for your child—and if so, which ones to buy. Keep in mind that there are some situations in which you shouldn’t bring your child to a concert at all. For example, if your baby is a newborn and has not gotten his or her vaccinations yet, taking your child into a crowd would be a very bad idea. However, if your child is older and it won’t pose a safety risk to do so, you can consider bringing him or her along with the right equipment.

Having a pair of headphones available for your infant, toddler, or child to wear at a concert can protect his or her hearing as well as prevent your child from panicking and crying the whole time, too. All in all, as long as you think your child will be safe and won’t be too disruptive to others at the concert, there’s no reason not to bring him or her along with you for your next event.

Just remember that having a pair of headphones to help out can go a long way toward giving your child and the rest of your family a better concert experience, too. Pick your favorite pair from the list above and you’ll be well on your way!

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