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Snug Kids Earmuffs/Best Hearing Protectors – Adjustable...
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Snug Kids Earmuffs/Best Hearing Protectors – Adjustable...
  • Ideal for blocking noise caused Ideal for blocking noise caused by large crowds, airports, sporting events, garden...
  • Perfect for kids on the autism spectrum for blocking out crowds and other triggers
  • Low profile clam design keeps the muffs safe and secure on little ears and offers a stylish look. Strong high...

Are you looking for something to keep your child’s hearing safe?                     

Do you want to find out what your options are?                       

How soon should you start thinking about hearing protectors for babies?                    

It is possible—and often highly recommended—to start protecting your child’s hearing when he or she is a newborn baby. You can find many great products to help you do this for infants, toddlers, kids and even teens, and the more you work on protecting your child’s hearing now, the better it will be later in life.                     

Read on to find great ear covers for babies of all ages and to pick the one that’s right for your child.                

1. Snug Kids Earmuffs                                

Snug Kids Earmuffs/Best Hearing Protectors – Adjustable...

Pick up a pair of Snug Kids Earmuffs in one of six fun colors to keep your child’s hearing protecting in an exciting way! This product can easily block out crowd noise, fireworks, and anything else that may trouble your child.                        


  • These earmuffs feature padding to make them more comfortable for your baby.       
  • The earmuffs are lightweight and easy for children to wear.  


  • These earmuffs may not be as good at blocking sound as some others listed here.  
  • This product may be too tight for some children. 

2. HearTek Kids Earmuffs                                       

HEARTEK Noise Cancelling Headphones Kids Adult Earmuffs Shooting...

 The HearTek Kids Earmuffs are a high-quality pair of durable earmuffs designed to work for babies, toddlers, kids and even petite adults. They come in several different colors and are sure to please any little one who needs hearing protection.                


  • These noise-canceling earmuffs are capable of blocking up to 27 decibels of sound.    
  • The earmuffs are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.    


  • These earmuffs may be too tight for some babies.   
  • The ear portion may break off easily on these earmuffs.

3. Baby Banz Earmuffs                                        

Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection – Ages 0-2+ Years...

Protecting your little one’s sensitive ears has never been easier than with these Baby Banz Earmuffs! These earmuffs are designed to fit on the head like a pair of large headphones, but they do not produce sound and simply reduce noise from surrounding situations.                             


  • These earmuffs are safe for use with newborns all the way through the toddler stage.
  • These earmuffs also feature soft padding to protect your child’s skin and ears from discomfort.


  • The padding on the inside may wear off over time. 
  • These earmuffs may slide around more on your child’s head than some others. 

4. Kids Soft Silicone Ear Plugs 

Ezy Dose Kids Ear Plugs | For Pool, Ocean, Water, Sports |...

Grab a set of Kids Soft Silicone Ear Plugs to enjoy a comfortable pair of ear plugs that won’t cause any harm to your child’s ears or any discomfort for your little one, either. These ear plugs are reusable and easy to put in and take out.                       


  • These plugs can block up to 21 decibels of sound. 
  • The plugs are easy to wash if needed by just rinsing them off and letting them air dry. 


  • If these ear plugs get wet, they won’t work as well, so they are not ideal for swimming.  
  • Some children dislike the texture of these ear plugs. 

5. Reusable Sleep Earplugs for Kids

Reusable Sleep Earplugs Noise Reduction for Kids and Small Ear...

These Reusable Sleep Earplugs for Kids are designed to be soft and easy to fit into your child’s ears quickly. They can be shaped as needed to suit just about any ear size or type, and they block sound from planes, concerts, and more with no trouble.                


  • These earplugs are designed to stay in place without falling out of the ear too easily.  
  • The plugs are designed to be comfortable and not to hurt while they’re in. 


  • These earplugs may be too large for some smaller babies. 
  • The earplugs are not designed to be reusable more than once or twice.    

6. Alpine Pluggies Kids Earplugs

Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs – Noise Cancelling Ear Buds for...

Pick up a set of these Alpine Pluggies Kids Earplugs if you’re looking for something to protect your child’s hearing while still being safe for your little one to use, too. These earplugs are made of soft material and are easy to put in and remove from your little one’s ears as needed.                          


  • These earplugs still allow your child to hear conversation-level noise.
  • The earplugs can block up to 30 decibels of sound. 


  • Some squirmy kids may not do well with having these earplugs inserted. 
  • The earplugs may be too large for some children altogether. 

7. Hearing Protection Fleece Beanie

Hearing Protection Fleece Beanie Small Pink

For a comfortable and cute way to keep your baby’s hearing safe, check out this Hearing Protection Fleece Beanie. This product is made from soft pink fleece that’s safe enough for even very young babies to be exposed to and cozy enough that your child will be comfortable wearing it at any time.                   


  • This hat is easy to wash in the washing machine as needed.
  • The straps are made of stretchy fabric to make it easier to tie around your child’s head. 


  • This product is only available in pink.    
  • The hat may shrink if it’s put through the dryer, so it must be air dried only. 

8. Hush Baby Hat with Softsound Technology

Hush Baby Hat with Softsound Technology and Medical Grade Sound...

Choose the Hush Baby Hat with Softsound Technology when you’re looking for a cute and cozy little hat for your child. This product is designed to filter out sounds at dangerously high levels and protect your baby’s hearing easily.                  


  • This product looks cute on any baby and is comfortable for your child to wear.
  • The hat is made of baby-safe fabrics that won’t irritate young skin.


  • This hat must be hand washed and air dried, which can be a hassle with a baby. 
  • The hat may be easy for your child to pull off.  

9. Organic Cotton Infant Noise Reduction Hat

DOTS ON TOTS Organic Cotton Infant Noise Reduction Hat

This Organic Cotton Infant Noise Reduction Hat is a comfortable way to protect your child’s hearing. This cute little hat is made of a triple layer of organic cotton fleece and hemp fleece to keep your baby’s skin protected while helping his or her hearing, too.                     


  • This hat is easy to put on and take off of your baby when the time comes.
  • The product can reduce sound by up to 50% depending on the situation.    


  • Some customers dislike the aesthetic appearance of this hat. 
  • The hat may be much too hot for use in the summertime.


Did you find the best pick for your child? Which ones are the best baby ear protection from loud noise for the following categories?          

  • Very young babies: Organic Cotton Infant Noise Reduction Hat. This product is soft and gentle on newborn skin.          
  • Older babies: Alpine Pluggies Kids Earplugs. These earplugs are comfortable for most older kids.                  
  • Best overall: Our top choice are the Baby Banz Earmuffs, which are great for many ages and comfortable, too.              

In the end, the choice is entirely up to you, so take your time and make sure you go with the right one for your baby!                       

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