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Does flying with a baby have challenges you need to prepare for?

What kind of protective measures should you take when you fly with your baby?

Is it important to protect your little one’s ears when flying?

It’s very easy to protect your child’s ears when you’re flying, especially if you use a product like baby ear plugs for plane purposes. However, many parents do overlook this important task, even though it’s incredibly important to take care of your child’s hearing in situations like air travel.

When you fly on a plane, the white noise of the plane’s engines can be almost overwhelming, even to an adult. A baby or toddler has even more sensitive hearing and is sure to be more bothered and suffer more hearing damage related to this noise than an older child or adult.

You can help protect your baby’s hearing on a plane by using ear plugs. There are many great versions of baby-safe ear plugs available on the market, and choosing any of these products is a good way to keep your child safe and calm as well when dealing with the loud noise of air travel.

Traveling by plane with a baby poses a lot of challenges. Although hearing protection is only one of them, it’s a great place to get started when taking care of your child on an airplane. Take a look at the five products we have listed below to help you find the right option for your little one’s next plane trip and to make your air travel better for the whole family.

1. Reusable Sleep Earplugs Noise Reduction for Kids

Reusable Sleep Earplugs Noise Reduction for Kids and Small Ear...

Go with these Reusable Sleep Earplugs Noise Reduction for Kids when you need a simple but effective pair of earplugs for your child. These plugs are made from memory foam and can be squished into the ear and allowed to expand to block sound from reaching your child’s hearing.


  • These earplugs have a carrying case included for easy travel and storage.
  • You can wash these earplugs and use them more than once.


  • Many customers report these earplugs not blocking sound well enough for their little ones.
  • Some products may arrive with some cracks or damage that will make them unsafe to use.

2. Toennesen Noise Cancelling Earplugs

TOENNESEN Ear Plugs for Kids, Soft Foam Noise Cancelling Sleep...

For a soft pair of ear plugs that will be comfortable for your little one to wear, check out these Tennessean Noise Cancelling Earplugs. These earplugs are safe to use up to six years of age and are easy to put in and remove as needed.


  • These earplugs come in a convenient travel package with several sets.
  • The earplugs can be used more than once.


  • The earplugs may be too big for any kids with smaller ear canals.
  • These earplugs may fall out more easily than others listed here.

3. Alpine Pluggies Kids Earplugs

Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs – Noise Cancelling Ear Buds for...

With these Alpine Pluggies Kids Earplugs, your child’s next plane trip is sure to be a comfortable one! These ear plugs can filter sounds down to 30 decibels and are also great for keeping water from your child’s ears when he or she goes swimming, too.


  • These are very comfortable ear plugs that most kids are fine with wearing.
  • The ear plugs allow your child to still hear when people are speaking to him or her.


  • These ear plugs do not work well with smaller babies and toddlers.
  • The ear plugs may not block as much sound as some of the others listed here.

4. Original Children’ EarPlanes Ear Plugs

Original Children's EarPlanes by Cirrus Healthcare Ear Plugs...

Choose these Original Children’s EarPlanes Ear Plugs to give your baby a set of ear plugs that are designed specifically for little ones. These ear plugs are meant for use in smaller ears and even feature a unique filter design to help cut back on pressure during takeoff and landing too.


  • The ear plugs are made from silicone to reduce allergies as well as exposure to toxic materials.
  • These ear plugs are very popular with many customers who have great luck with them.


  • These are stiffer ear plugs than some others on the market.
  • These ear plugs are too big for some younger kids.

5. Flitemate Mini


The Flitemate Mini ear plugs set is designed to help cut back on the pressure your baby’s ears experience during air travel while remaining comfortable enough for your child to wear throughout the trip. These ear plugs are great for little ones and are sure to keep your baby comfortable, safe and happy when traveling on a plane with the whole family.


  • These ear plugs are made from non-toxic silicone that’s soft and easy to use even in smaller ears.
  • The ear plugs come in their own convenient carrying case to make them even easier to keep track of.


  • These ear plugs are not as well-known as many of the others listed here.
  • The packaging may be difficult to get open initially with this product.


Did you find some great ear plugs for your child to use? There are a lot of products like this on the market, and it can take a little time to determine which ones will work best for your child. You know your baby best, so keep in mind that he or she may not always respond well to having ear plugs in, and that you should have a backup plan available if your baby won’t wear ear plugs on the plane.

You may want to try putting ear plugs in your child’s ears before the day of your plane trip to ensure that he or she will wear them. This can also be a good way to get your child used to having them in and make it less of an issue when the time comes to get on the plane, too. Some babies are more likely to want to wear the ear plugs than others, but it is possible to protect your child’s hearing this way with a little bit of practice beforehand.

Keep in mind that ear plugs are not intended for use when your baby is very small. Infants’ ears are simply too small for ear plugs to be a safe option, so in this situation, you should consider soft noise dampening headphones for your baby instead. It’s not a good idea to use ear plugs until your baby is at least six months old, or until your pediatrician says it is okay. Until that age, look for other solutions to help your child stay calm and safe when flying in an airplane on your next trip as a family.

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